The Land of the Con

Many a moons ago, while being distraught over being conned and used by AM to create a crisis to save his sim, I discovered SaveMe Oh.  While her adventures were not always things I’d agree with, I did enjoy reading about her escapades.  I saw her as a strong Maverick, who fought back against the abuses and use a lot of us suffer from SL cliques and crazies.

Today whilst stumbling around, I decided it was about time to check her blog and see what she had been up to…and her recent entry struck a chord.


I see a lot of me in this…although a much smaller and I significant group of people comparatively.

Im saddened so many of us, who try to work or help with things we love are just used, tossed away, and when we try to stand up for ourselves or make good, it’s just more gossip, manufacture, and passive aggression.

I hope things work out for her somehow, somewhere.

I had spent most my seven years in SL ignorant of the cliques, the using, the conning.  A lot of SL is a cesspool of people like this, what CheerGirl Allen so rightly called Little Hitlers.  That said, there’s still good people.  There’s developers and old timers who are kind, bipartisan, supportive.  I have been fortunate in all of this to give some.



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